Keys & Trends Report - 2019-04-01

  • The publication of the United States Department of State's annual report on drug trafficking and money laundering indicated the relevance of these issues to Paraguay's international image, and highlighted the difference in attitude of the current government, which is more proactive in combating these crimes than the one previous.

  • The renegotiation of the terms of sale of the electricity generated by the Itaipu binational dam is already on the agenda of partner countries Brazil and Paraguay, and there is ongoing debate as to what should be the Paraguayan priority: make use of the cheap electricity, or export it at the best price?

  • The presentation of a set of tax adjustment measures by the Ministry of Finance opens a period of debate and criticism, due to it being pointed out that, once again, the Executive branch is seeking to raise taxes for those that already contribute and not to improve collection by registering the majority of economic agents that operate informally.

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