Keys & Trends Report - 2020-11-24

  • The International Monetary Fund published a report at the conclusion of their assessment of the economic situation in Paraguay, with a positive evaluation of what has been done in terms of pandemic control and emergency economic measures. The report also supports the actions included by the Executive in the Ñapu'a Paraguay Plan, which is aimed at institutional recovery and transformation. It suggests additional measures, including a future tax adjustment, to generate sufficient resources to cover the income gap.

  • The economic recession continues with negative numbers in the short-term indicators, although the fall has been relatively dampened, creating better expectations for a recovery in the coming months.

  • The possibility of a resurgence of the pandemic--at the moment with stable indicators--is the reason for frequent alerts from health authorities.

  • The presidential veto of the inclusion of the "social expenses" of binational enterprises in the National Budget has generated multiple criticisms, which point to a lack of commitment to transparency from the Executive. 

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