Keys & Trends Report - 2018-12-02


  • Yet another one of the great colorado “clans”, whose head is the senator Javier Zacarías Irún, was hit by the drive for transparency that came as a consequence of a wave of citizen protests, and that, in addition to denouncing the corruption of legislators, now reaches several municipal administrations across the country. In this context, Congress voted for the intervention of the municipality of Ciudad del Este, whose mayor is Sandra McLeod, wife to Zacarías Irún.

  • President Mario Abdo Benitez decided to expel from the country one of the main leaders of the criminal organization Comando Vermelho, who had for months managed to delay his own extradition to Brazil, where a long prison sentence awaits him. The Paraguayan president made the decision after the Brazilian national murdered a woman in his cell, thereby seeking to avoid extradition.

  • The first internal crisis of the government of President Abdo took place within the Ministry of Education, with the dismissal of Deputy Minister Nancy Ovelar, after a public controversy involving Minister Eduardo Petta. Inside the movement President Abdo belongs to, Colorado Añeteté, positions were divided in this case.


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