Keys & Trends Report - 2021-08-19

  • The third anniversary of the administration led by Mario Abdo Benítez finds Paraguay in an economic upturn with auspicious indicators, and with the Covid 19 pandemic trending downwards in the number of cases and deaths. 

  • By contrast, the reigning perception is that of a worn out government with meager management capabilities, especially in dealing with highly sensitive issues such as the fight against corruption, nepotism, and the privileges of politicians close to power.

  • As on previous occasions, it is estimated that the currently reigning polarization will continue throughout 2022 and onto 2023's presidential election, seeping into various aspects of national life as the electoral calendar moves forward leading up to the municipal elections in October of this year. The recently lifted transportation strike, along with protests carried out by various social sectors (teachers, indigenous people, health personnel, etc.) are examples of dynamics that tend to multiply at this stage of the political process.

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